IQE Team

IQE Team IQE is formed by an international team of engineers committed to renewable energy and with more than 17 years of wide expertise in international projects, especially in Latin-America. Our mission is to develop financially attractive projects while technically ensuring the highest level of innovation, the most cost-effective solutions, and maximum performance and energy production throughout the life of the facility.

Solar Energy:

  • Over 20 PV solar plants. Total Power: 120 MW.
  •  50 PV installations and buildings.

Wind Energy:

  • Management, construction and operation of 5 wind farms. Total power: 136 MW.
  •  Developments:
    •  Spain: over 150 MW.
    •  International: Portugal (150 MW) Romania (60 MW), Bulgaria (30 MW).

Cogeneration Energy:

  • Project Development, construction and operation of 4 plants.
  • Total power: 37 MW.

Biomass Energy:

  • Promotion, construction and operation of 1 plant using the treated waste by-product “orujillo”.
  • Total power: 8.14 MW.